Blaise Castle – Hounds in The Grounds Fun Day sept 7th

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Blog

Pet Portraits by Jude First event! ….what an amazing day for it too! the sun was shining all day! and so many people to chat too, each and every one so very passionate about their dogs! and cats well all sorts of animals! One lady even talked very fondly of her 2 Agouti’s , I had to ask what an Agouti was! well apparently it is a breed of rat… mmmm very nice too.

I have produced some new greetings cards which sold really well along with the raffle that I held the stand was busy all day which was lovely!

So great to meet all of you who attended this Fun Day at Blaise it was amazing! Hope to see some of those faces again next year and more!

Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday.