Blaise Castle – Hounds in The Grounds Fun Day sept 7th

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Pet Portraits by Jude First event! ….what an amazing day for it too! the sun was shining all day! and so many people to chat too, each and every one so very passionate about their dogs! and cats well all sorts of animals! One lady even talked very fondly of her 2 Agouti’s , I […]

Month of ‘May’ Facebook Competition!

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When you follow my Facebook page ‘ PetPortraits by Jude ‘ you will see that I have some Great Monthly ‘Give Aways!’ May’s Competition was to send in a photograph of your pet and whoever received the most ‘likes’ would receive a FREE  A4 Pencil sketched study of their pet and the second place winner […]

Yay! …It’s Friday!

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What a great first week i’ve had working on the ‘New’ commissions that have come in! Scot’s pretty pleased with himself today too! The weather is amazing and the bubbles have come out! It’s Friday and it’s fun time! Now how many of you out there have dogs that just ‘love’ to play with bubbles? […]

Watch out for the Scottie!

Watch out for the Scottie!

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  Every week this little chap will have something to say! and as you will find out he’s always up to mischief!…. Follow his antics on my blog page!

Welcome to my Blog page

Welcome to my Blog page

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Welcome to my Blog page, this is a first for me…’BLOGGING’, it should be fun! I’ll try and keep it interesting and full of the latest news! This week is the launch of my NEW Website It’s so exciting! so I’ve been super busy over the last few weeks working on content and also a […]