Zion – 35cm x 30cm Watercolour Portrait

“How can I express, the thanks to a creature so pure, Filled with a majesty I am privileged to see, And a creature of such nobility.” Extract from ‘A poem, The Horse’, by Marie (MJ)

Horses fascinate me and this extract sums up what we view when watching the horse. I’ve always adored horses from a young age, what beautiful animals they are.

I’ve named this painting Zion, as he reminds me so much of a horse I used to ride as a child. Strong and powerful, with looks that captivate. I immediately thought of him when I came across a photograph of this horse. I knew I had to paint him! This took me over thirty hours to paint but I can honestly say I loved every moment. I hope to paint many more horses in the future, a challenge to capture the energy, power and presence of this majestic animal.