Pebbles – A4 Watercolour Portrait

Pebbles such a beautiful girl and a pleasure to paint! This little lady belongs to a dear friend of mine Clair Chapman who is a Scottish Terrier and Dachshund Breeder, not to mention a fantastic Photographer also! Her kennel name is Berrybreeze check out her website to see the most gorgeous Scotties and Dachs!

Back to Pebbles…this portrait was created in watercolour after firstly sketching out the areas to be worked on. The colours were built up gradually from lighter tones to dark. As you can see her coat is a multitude of different colours so I was constantly revisiting areas to make sure the I hadn’t missed a hair! So lovely to paint, Pebbles has a sister called Sassy and mum called Sizzles so hopefully I will get to paint them in the future.

Pebbles_full Pebbles_crop1