Pru and Barry – 16″ x 12″ Watercolour

A Special Bespoke Watercolour of two Instagram stars! Pru and Barry a 12" x 16" Portrait was created for their very proud owners.
Pru and Barry are very pampered pooches who get up to various antics and can be followed on Instagram at @bazrgram


A Bespoke Watercolour of Pru and Barry …2 pugs with attitude they even have their own Instagram page! @bazrgram

So adorable!


Definitely posing for the camera here!



Dogs have been initially sketched out really for the colour washes to be added!



Just the first stages still building up those layers of watercolour. Each layer tends to dry a shade or two lighter than when applied so numerous layers have to be applied to create the depth of colour required.



I use imagery viewed on screen which gives me accurate information to work from.



A snow process building up all the detail in these pugs faces …bless them x



Getting there!



Pru and Barry …what a fine couple!









The Portrait is complete and presented in a doubled edged mount.