‘We Three Kings’ – Raggy, Beauty and Trigger – 75 cm x 50cm Watercolour

' We Three Kings ' an A1 Watercolour Painting created for Sonya Miles.

This project has to be one of my favourites! I adore horses and when I was asked by Sonya to create a portrait of 3 all together well I was so excited! The photographs that Sonya provided were excellent which made life a little easier. Sonya wanted to capture the same composition as the 'famous' painting 'We Three Kings' which featured the well known racehorses, Red rum, Arkle and Desert Orchid painted by Susan Crawford.
I used identical poses using the photographs provided by Sonya of her horses, O'Rage, My Beauty and Trigger - two of which are ex-racehorses!
I chose a dark background to blend the horses against which made their dark colouring stand out well.

This painting took me approx 54hrs to complete.
Once complete the painting was scanned and colour proofed to provide Giclee prints for the family and myself ( to exhibit )

Sonya very kindly sent me some information about the three horses that I would l like to add:

Raggy ( O'Rage - Registered Name ) - The horse on the left hand side is a 10 yr old who is roughly 17.3h and a full thoroughbred who raced until he was 6 years of age then Sonya bought him and has owned him for 4 yrs now. He is so handsome!
He actually fractured his leg 6 months after Sonya bought him, he was kicked in his field and had to recuperate for 12 months after receiving surgery! not a great start! Raggy is now fighting fit and enjoys spending most of his time either on his hind legs or on his front legs only!
He certainly keeps Sonya entertained and de-stresses her after a hard day at work.

Beauty ( My Beauty - Registered Name ) - Middle horse - A 14 yr old thoroughbred mare. Sonya's mum has owned Beauty for 5 yrs after she had finished racing, Beauty keeps Sonya's mum young and on her toes! Beauty will always be a racer at heart and races the boys as much as she can!

Trigger ( Hasn't raced , but his father was Double Trigger, a great racer! ) - Horse on the right hand side. A 12 yr old thoroughbred gelding. Trigger is owned by Sonya's sister who has spent a lot of time and energy getting him to full fitness and gaining his trust. He loves to tear around with the other two horses but also loves to be stroked, he is a very genuine boy.

Thank You Sonya for all the information you have provided about the horses it gives a great insight into their individual personalities! They are certainly amazing you must be so proud!
Jude x

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